Le groupe de graphisme et modélisation moléculaire (GGMM) presents:

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 Workshop on "Molecular Modelling and dynamics" (MoDyn - 2016)

Montpellier - Juvignac (34) - From 26 to 29 September 2016


Congratulations for all participants !

You are PhD or post-doctorate or young researcher who want to improve your knowledge in Molecular Modelling and Simulations, then you must register quickly to the MoDyn workshop.

This thematic school is organized by the french GGMM in order to satisfy the growing request in learning molecular modelling techniques and dynamics simulations. The program of MoDyn workshop will also include virtual screening and 3D visualization. The school will be divided in theoretical  sessions and pratical courses during which the candidate will have the opportunity to apply thes methods and thecniques to its own research project. 

The main parts of the programme:

  • Sequence analysis for 3D modelling (databases UniPot,...)
  • Free energy, entropy and perturbation (FEP)
  • Molecular modelling by homology and ab initio (Modeller, Robetta,...)
  • Design of chemical compounds for screening (chemical libraries, PubChem,...)
  • Docking / scoring and virtual screening  (AutoDock Vina,...)
  • Molecular dynamics simulations, QM/MM and normal modes (Amber, Gromacs, Avogadro,...)
  • 3D visualization and interactive dynamics (VMD, NAMD, PyMol, Chimera, UnityMol,...)


Location: Hotel-Golf Juvignac (NO of Montpellier)

Hotel de Juvignac 

Important informations

Deadline to submit your application: 30 June 2016

(answer will be sent from 8 july 2016)

- To participate, send your application (a single PDF document including a short CV + research project + motivation letter, max 3 pages) to: modyn@sciencesconf.org

- After acceptance, DO NOT FORGET to register !

- See "Useful infos" and "Map" pages for more information



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